Things to Do in Georgetown, Penang

Mark Wiens is great traveler. He traveled in beautiful Georgetown, Penang. Happy to introduce his nice video to you all. The original content is Exploring Penang (Georgetown): Things To Do in One Day, and the link is ※ Food prices in this video might be different now because this video was uploaded in 2015.…

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Beautiful Georgetown, Penang

Very happy to introduce great travelers and YouTubers. Have a look at their nice Vlog and enjoy how beautiful Georgetown it is! The original video is TOP SIGHT SEEING in George Town, Penang | Malaysia Travel Vlog BARBSTER360, and the link is #Georgetown #Penang #Malaysia

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Eastern & Oriental Hotel in Penang

Have you ever been to Penang, Malaysia? If you are still alive, and you can still walk, you must visit Penang before you die. Penang is called Pearl of the Orient. Penang is a truly romantic and beautiful city. Above all, people in Penang are filled with warmth and kindness. If you are traveling to…

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